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Sunday, 28 February 2021

Attachment/trauma issues vary widely in their presentation. Some children act out. Others are very withdrawn, rarely seeking adult interaction. Some appear to push their parents away, while others are the extreme opposite, “Velcro babies,” attached to their parents like glue.

As many of our children have reached school ages, we’ve observed some interesting trends. Not surprisingly, just as our children initially had very different reactions to the stress of their early lives, they’ve also had extremely different reactions to school.

Some are at the tippy top of their class. Others have significant struggles. Some, while perfectly behaved in school where relationships are more superficial, struggle mightily in intimate relationships with parents at home. Issues with perfection and control can make school days difficult for some children. And for many, an underlying sense of fear pervades all. Unfortunately, fear can look like many other things: anger, defiance, learning problems, controlling behavior and much, much more.

Here we present resources that attempt to address some of these issues.

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