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Tuesday, 02 March 2021
Post Adoption Parenting

The parents of A4everfamily found one another for support and ideas after our children arrived home and we began to notice that traditional parenting methods often failed to have a beneficial or lasting effect with our adoptive children. Many of us had parented before and were confused when the skills that we’d learned in parenting our biological children were ineffective and even had the potential to be damaging to our adoptive children. Here, we share some of what we’ve learned, in the hopes that other families will begin the adoption journey with more parenting tools.

Note: For the sake of clarity, the primary caregiver will be identified as the mother with the pronoun “she” and the child will usually be identified with “he.” We realize that in some cases the primary caretaker is male and in half the cases the child is a girl. Please forgive us for using the simplest grammatical method we could find.

What is a “Time In?”
Therapy/Therapeutic Parenting
Attachment Parenting
Safety & Security Begin With a Small World
Basic Safety Commands: Come, Sit, Stay, Stop/No
Mini-Trampoline Affirmation Jumps
Sit Sessions
Toolbox of Ideas
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