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Wednesday, 27 January 2021
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My son's eating problems began from the time he started eating solids regularly (6 months). First problem: duration of the meal. It would take me such a LONG time to feed him his oatmeal, rice cereal, peas, etc. As he began to eat more table foods, it would take him a minimum of 30 minutes to eat a small amount of food, but it often took him one hour per meal. Second problem: very picky eater. Did not like to try new foods. I would "bribe" him by putting a Cheerio on top of a spoonful of food. He hated trying new foods to the degree that even foods that most children LOVE would not get past his lips--like ice cream, chocolate, candy, etc.--until we began attachment work. I think his inability to accept new foods stems from him not trusting me completely. I feel that toddler pickiness plays a role in it, but it is minor compared to him having difficulty trusting me. Third problem: hoarding the last bite of food in his mouth anywhere from 15-30 minutes after he was already out of the highchair. Since working on attachment, he has shown improvement in all these areas. Although there is room for more improvement, he isn't getting worse. (a. 4.5mo, FC)

When our son came home at 6 months old, he refused anything other than formula. By 8 months old he was gagging and choking on stage one baby food. By 9 months old he cried and fussed during meals and continued to gag and choke. By 10 months old he raged if we went anywhere near the highchair and went on a 6-week hunger strike. By the time he was a year old he needed to see a feeding therapist and after a few months was progressing nicely but meals were still stressful and challenging. By 14 months old he would eat but only what he wanted to eat or he would not eat at all. At 17 months old we found that he was using food as a form of control and stopped making him his usual meals and gave him what we were eating or nothing at all. It took one missed meal and a two-hour long tantrum for him to realize that if he wanted to eat, he had to eat what we offered. Now he eats everything we put in front of him and mealtimes are wonderful, stress-free experiences. (a. 6mo, FC)

He used to eat a lot when he first came home. I went grocery shopping one afternoon and when I came back my husband told me he fed our son 6 cans of baby food for lunch. SIX?!? I was a little concerned and asked my pediatrician. She said he could eat as much as he wanted and not to deprive him. I think he used food as coping mechanism. Now he stuffs his mouth with food to the point he cannot chew. I have to constantly be on top of this so he doesn't choke. We work with OT to help him with his oral sensory issues. (a. 7.5mo, FC)

My daughter was saying, "Eat, eat, eat!" all day long. Guess what? I said to her, "Mommy decides when it is time to eat and it is not time." You know what happened? The behavior stopped!!!!! That's right! Just like that. Stopped. Think that might have been a control issue? (a. 7mo, FC)

Beginning about 21 months of age my daughter began to have food issues. Even at that young age she had stash spots all over the house. We found a pint basket of strawberries stuffed in her pillow once. She ate her way through an entire bag of bunny shaped marshmallows, etc. The primary things she took were items of a sweet nature and cheese. We finally began to leave food for her, nutritious stuff, on a tray on the dining room table. (a. 7mo, OR)
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