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Wednesday, 27 January 2021
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My 17-month-old son doesn't sit and play long. With attachment work, this is improving but he still flits around. He doesn’t focus for sustained periods of time to build a block tower with me or do puzzles. These are things he should be doing but isn't. When children his age would enter speech/language therapy in my district, often times the problem was seen to be “environmental”--not enough stimulation/interaction in the home for a variety of reasons. I try hard doing these things with him but because of his control issues and flitting from one activity to another, he doesn't sit long enough to learn. He likes to read books with me but will not sit and cuddle long enough for language interaction. –adoptive mom is a speech pathologist (a. 6mo, FC)

From the time my son came home he was very focused on his environment and specific toys. During play dates, when other children were running around and playing with toy after toy, my son sat in one spot playing very intently with the same toy for long periods of time. One year later at 18 months, he still plays with much focus and intensity but only with the same quiet toys. If he is introduced to a new toy, he becomes very timid...almost as though he's afraid of it. When he does try to play with a new toy after much encouragement, he becomes easily frustrated and goes back to the same quiet and familiar toys. My son avoids change and the unfamiliar. (a. 6mo, FC)
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