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Wednesday, 27 January 2021
Extreme separation anxiety or total lack of separation anxiety Print
No separation anxiety: Four months after our son came home we knew something wasn't right and took our son to an attachment professional for an evaluation. While my son played on the floor in front of me, I told the therapist that if I walked out of the room, he would not look to see where I was going or even show any sign that he cared that I left. She asked me to leave for five minutes and I did. He never looked and he showed no signs of caring that I had gone. When I came back in, the therapist observed that my son still never looked or showed signs of caring. He was so avoidant at that point that the therapist wondered if he was deaf and sent us to the hospital for a hearing screening. He can hear perfectly. (a. 6mo, FC)

Extreme separation anxiety: Many parents report that their children are very upset if they set them down or leave the room, even for a moment. The child may follow the parent from room to room and show a great deal of anxiety when Mom leaves. When young, these children are sometimes called "Velcro babies." They often go undiagnosed because they look VERY "attached." Unfortunately, this may be the sign of an anxious attachment. In one case, a boy was not diagnosed with an attachment disorder until he turned 7 years old. Many, many professionals failed to diagnose him because he chose to be within 6" of his mom, all day, every day. With attachment therapy, he is doing better, and is enjoying moments of normal separation from mom.
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