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Wednesday, 27 January 2021
Extreme stranger anxiety or total lack of stranger anxiety Print
Total lack: For the first 5-6 months our son was home he would have gone willingly to anyone and everyone with much excitement and joy. He acted as though he were in love with every person he came across. He was this way with me the first few weeks too, but little by little he shut me out and continued to fall in love with anyone who crossed his path. As a mother, it was heartbreaking to witness this behavior, hear people tell me how lucky I was to have such a sweet, loving baby, and to know he did not have that same excitement and joy for me...not ever. (a. 6mo, FC)

He seemed interested in us at first, but then slowly seemed to lose interest in people. He especially was not interested in me. After he had been home for about 4 months, I dropped him off at my aunt's house after she insisted we needed a break. He didn't look at us when we left and didn't look at us when we came back. It was devastating. He then started looking around for me only after I left the room, but the minute I came back he ignored me again. He would go to anyone, but not be too interested in them. He'd have a blank look on his face and act like they weren't there. It really wasn't until after his first birthday that I saw him truly happy. (a. 7.5mo, FC)

In contrast, a child may demonstrate extreme stranger anxiety, hiding behind Mom in fear each time a stranger approaches. The two extreme presentations may be symptoms of two different types of attachment problems.
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