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Saturday, 16 January 2021
27. Does not react to pain (high pain tolerance) Print
He was stung by a bee and didn’t seem to notice or care.  (a. 5.5mo, FC)
From day one, he didn't react much to pain.  Shots are no big deal for him--he rarely cries.  He fell the other day in the driveway on his face and got right back up without even a whine.  When I went over to him I could see one side of his face was scraped a little and bleeding but he never reacted like it hurt him.  (a. 6 mo, FC)
Our daughter is very inconsistent in her reaction to pain.  Sometimes she falls or bonks her head and cries hysterically; other times she acts like nothing has happened.  Recently she has taken to scratching her arm to the point of bleeding and she does not seem to feel the pain associated with it.  (a. 10mo, OR)
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