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Saturday, 16 January 2021
22. Does not return smiles Print

Well he did for a long time if the smiles came from anyone but Mommy.  I got blank stares and cries when I smiled at him.  This started about a month after he came home.  People told me not to worry.  He was with me all day long after all...other people were more interesting than the Mommy he saw all day long every day. (a. 6mo, FC)
When we first met our daughter, she came to us smiling.  Everyone commented on how “happy” she was.  We were strangers to her and she was smiling away.  After the first night in the hotel she rarely smiled at us and if she did it was not in response to our smiles but rather a spontaneous smile to something she found funny.  (a. 10mo, OR)
My daughter does return our smiles, but it takes A LOT of work to get her to smile back at us.  It shouldn't be so hard to make a baby laugh and smile.  (a. 4.5 mo, FC)
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