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Saturday, 16 January 2021
21. Little or reduced verbal responsiveness Print
He wouldn't imitate us in any way.   When he was starting to babble or even put sounds together, we would try and get him to imitate our sounds.  He wouldn't no matter how hard or what we tried.  Later, I would often catch him making that same sound we had been trying so hard to get him to do on his own.  He only began imitating us after 2 months of attachment work (around 15 months old).  It was almost like he didn't want to give in to what we wanted him to do.  He wanted to control when and what he spoke.  (a. 6 mo, FC)
At 17 months old, our son still did not have any words nor would he imitate sounds but he understood everything we said to him and had a few signs that he used periodically but more often would resort to us just figuring out what he wanted or needed while he cried, screamed or tantrumed.  We began to test our theory that he was using language as a control and even when he signed "more" when he wanted more of something, we told him we would not give him more until he used his words.  All of a sudden he could say "more". (a. 6mo, FC)

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