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Saturday, 16 January 2021
13. Prefers being held with back toward mother Print
My son never wanted to face me when I held him.  He always looked very curious and interested in what was going on around him.  Even if we were home and the only ones there, he could not face me.  Family and friends called him curious, but we now know that it was avoidance.  He's been home almost a year and we still struggle with this at times. (a. 6mo, FC)
Looking back, I remember this, although I didn't notice it at the time.  I especially remember how he would back into our laps.  He wouldn't face us and reach up his arms.  He would turn his back to us and wait for us to pick him up.  Now, co-sleeping, he also prefers to face away from us.  (a. 5.5mo, FC)
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