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Wednesday, 27 January 2021
9. Exceedingly demanding Print

Starting at 11 months, all day, every day, I’d hear cries of “MaaaaaaaMaaaaaaaa!”  No matter how much we attended to him, it seemed that we could not meet his needs.  It often seemed like he didn’t know what he wanted…he just wanted us to FIX IT, whatever it was, NOW!  (a. 5.5mo, FC)
After 4 months of being a calm/shut down baby, my daughter at 9 months began to be very demanding.  Whatever she wanted, she wanted it IMMEDIATELY!  She would instantly cry hard if she didn't get what she wanted.  It could be a Cheerio I didn't put in her mouth fast enough, to not picking her up out of the exersaucer the second she wanted out.  She has the streak of determination in her that is sometimes fearful to see in a baby so young.  (a. 4.5 mo, FC)
After 2 months of no demands whatsoever, she suddenly switched to a whiny, fussy baby.  No matter what I did, she was not satisfied.  I took her to the doctor because I was sure she was sick or teething.  She got a clean bill of health.  She fussed and whined for me most of the day.  As soon as I would pick her up, she would squirm to be put down.  We would repeat this cycle hundreds of times. (a. 7mo, FC)
This seemed to surface around 10 mos. of age.  He would go from quietly playing to screaming in a few seconds to demand my attention, a snack, a toy etc.  He has very little patience to wait.  He could see me making his bottle and he would stand at my feet and whine and cry and hit my legs.  (a. 6 mo. FC)
After being home for 4 months, he had NO PATIENCE...NONE!  When he wanted something he wanted it that second...my problem was I had no idea most times what he wanted...he would just scream this anger scream until we figured it out...and often by the time we did figure it out, he was too far gone to see it in front of him...every little thing made him do this scream/cry...so loud and intense. (a. 6 mo. FC)
This behavior started at around 14 months. It didn't matter how much I interacted with her, the moment I tried to turn to something else, the crying would start. I worked from home at the time, but it was very difficult to get any work done while she was awake. She would tug my arm away from the computer keyboard, crying and wailing all the while. One day it took me 2 hours to pay the bills because I literally had to stop 3-4 times per check to pick her up, talk to her, wiper her tears, etc… Things are better now, at age 4, but there are still days when she is demanding of constant attention. Instead of screaming, now she asks an endless string of questions, just to make sure that I'm attending to her. (a. 11mo, FC)
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