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Wednesday, 27 January 2021
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Anxious vs. Avoidant
Attachment issues vary widely in their symptoms. One mother compares her two sons' very different presentations.

Going the Distance
Wondering how long it will be until your child feels secure?

I Didn't Recognize My Child's Attachment Problems
People sometimes contact us in crisis. Although their children were adopted at very young ages, they are now older and showing serious signs of attachment/trauma issues. Parents say, "But I never saw any problem when my child was little." How can that happen? Read a story from one mom.

It's a Game of Skill and Chance
As I reflect back, Iíve come to compare my sonís attachment journey to a game of poker...

Loss After Loss
Adopted herself, an adoptive mom who is also a Christian pastor shines a light into the darkness of the deep sense of loss often experienced by adoptees.
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