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Wednesday, 27 January 2021
Books for Kids to Make Print
Some siblings in the A4everFamily have been hard at work. We'd like to post the following information with the hopes that other families can benefit from this information.

Here's a message from the kids...

Our brother’s early life was a lot more stressful than ours was. He didn’t get to stay with his birthmom or even in the country of his birth. At times, our brother’s story seemed overwhelming and, well, sorta sad. Our nana wanted to help him see his early life in a new light. She helped him to write a book called The Special Thing About the Baby’s Journey. Through it, our brother is able to see how God’s hand was with him on the journey to our family. The book has movable parts and is interactive, so our brother really enjoys reading it with us. He also illustrated each page and is proud of the hard work he did.

Our brother finds comfort in this story. We’ve written a guide to help you write a similar interactive book with your child. The 17 page ebook provides step-by-step instructions. Patterns and photo examples are included.

This is not a lifebook, nor is it a scrapbook. It is not meant to disregard the difficulties that your child may have suffered, but neither is it designed to address those hardships. (We suggest consulting an adoption specialist if you need assistance in this area.) Rather it is a storybook that helps your child to see his or her infancy in a different light…one in which God’s hand was continually at work.

Before starting this book, our nana told our brother about her infancy. (A home birth with a doctor and typical entry into a biological family.) After our brother heard both stories, he told our nana, “Your story is boring compared to mine!” That was a big change from the grief that he’d recently experienced in processing his story. We hope that your child can also benefit from seeing God’s hand at work in his or her early life.

Go to www.handshelpinghearts.com to get your ebook.
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