Sunday, 28 February 2021
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Have you heard the story of the child with attachment problems who was undergoing academic testing? He failed at every test. The testing administrator finally knew how SMART the child was when, for every color that was held up, the child ALWAYS named a different color. (If you can locate the source for this story, please let us know.)

Many, many children will do wonderfully on tests. Some of our children are at the top of their classes. And others very legitimately struggle. But, if your child is highly controlling...doesn't test well on purpose...and is actually very smart, then this is for you...from a contributing mom.

Don't let an IQ test alarm you. You know, with our kiddos there is so much to deal with. My daughter did not score super genius or anything. She was like borderline normal or something. I believe she scored an 89 last year. You know, last year she was also held back in kindergarten. BUT... the day my child learned that she was NOT going to first grade with the other kids... she was FURIOUS!!! She grabbed all of her school stuff that she should have known and sat down and read me the words and recognized all of the upper and lower case alphabet and colors and everything she should have known. You see, my little control freak daughter was in CONTROL of the test. BUT..., when she learned it hurt her she KNEW EVERYTHING!!! I was so upset... I thought "oh no, now what do we do...school is out and she is in kinder again!!" Well, I called her psychiatrist and we went in and he tested her and sure enough, the little stinker knew it all. BUT he told us to keep her in kinder and let her be top potato in her academics because socially and emotionally she is so very lacking. Well, this year she is doing her work as she is supposed to for the most part. She had at one point decided she hated math so she would put her head down and ignore the teacher until fun center time. Then she would be the first one to pop up. That only went on until teacher told her you do math at math time or else you will sit and do it at center time. Now she does "dumb old math." She is NOT a dull tack, but you can't tell by her IQ test. (a. 46mo, OR)

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