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Saturday, 16 January 2021
5. Flat, lifeless affect (too quiet) Print

This was our attachment specialist’s biggest red flag with our daughter.  I thought she was such a calm baby, and different from her brother who was so active.  I thought she was "normal."  Dr. X. thought she seemed completely emotionally shut down.  She would sleep like a rag doll.  She would not move from the position in which we lay her down.  She is much more alive now at home, but when we are out and about, and it's too much for her, she'll go into the "flat, lifeless affect" again.  It's one of the ways I'm gauging her progress.  People always comment what a calm baby she is when she's actually emotionally shutting down. (a. 4.5mo, FC)
For 8 weeks, she was a PERFECT baby.  She was not demanding.  She would let me hold her.  She slept ok.  She would allow me to feed her a bottle in the cradle position.  When we had to switch her formula, she did not protest.  When we put her in a crib, she did not protest.  When we put her crib in her own room--she was fine.  To be honest, I could not believe how easy the transition was for her.  The only time she cried or fussed was when she wanted a bottle or she was tired.  Looking back, I realize she had no personality during those first 8 weeks.  Even now, in a situation that causes her stress (lots of strangers in our home, going to a crowded place,  etc…) she will become that flat, lifeless baby again. (a. 7mo, FC)
When we initially met our baby she was very engaging and animated.  She was smiling at us and clucking her tongue the day we received her.  Once we got back to the hotel it was a whole other story.  She had a very flat and lifeless affect.  For a few months whenever I would go in to get her in her crib in the morning she had a flat and lifeless affect.  She was unresponsive to me for a long time.  Now at 15 months this is gone with her immediate family.  She still presents with a flat affect when she meets people for the first time. (a.10mo, OR)

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