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Saturday, 16 January 2021
4. Poor eye contact or avoids eye contact Print

Think exorcist baby.  I've never seen a child who could spin his upper body/neck so far around so he didn't have to face his mother.  When physically forced to have his head pointed in my general direction he'd stare blankly and zone out while looking just over my shoulder. (a. 6mo, FC)
My son always maintained great eye contact when playing, but would avoid eye contact when greeting people, saying good-bye, or when asking for something.  We've now come to notice that he has difficulty making eye contact in intimate settings when we are holding him. After working on attachment with him, he is able to make better eye contact when we ask him to look into our eyes.  He still has difficulty maintaining eye contact and will sometimes tilt his head so that even though he is giving us eye contact, he is not looking at us squarely in the face. (a. 4.5 mo, FC)
When we first received our daughter, she maintained EXCELLENT eye contact with us and any new person she met.  She would stare intensely into our eyes as if she were playing a staring game.  After a few weeks, she would continue to make excellent eye contact with strangers or new people, but would go to great lengths to avoid my eyes.  When she wakes up from naps and I immediately go to her and call out her name, she will not turn to face me.  When she eventually turns to me, she will look past my face and not look at me.  I will try to make her laugh and even while she's laughing, she'll avoid eye contact.  It'll take roughly 30 seconds for her to look at me in the eyes, and it's very brief. (a. 4.5mo, FC)
After some therapy:  Our son still has problems with eye contact...he will look past the side of my head and laugh while playing with me if we're face to face.  If there are a few feet between us he gives awesome eye contact.  He has a very hard time with face to face eye contact...though during bottles and eating he's better...playtime is still hard for him...I use the mirror a lot and play with him in front of it.  When we first started working on this, he would turn his body completely around so he wouldn't even face me or see me at all...that was worse than looking past my face. (a. 6mo, FC)
Our baby had excellent eye contact upon first meeting her at 10 months old when we were strangers to her!  Soon after, in China, she would not look at us at all when we were holding her and barely look at us when we were playing.  She would look everywhere but at us when we were feeding her or giving her a bottle.  Now at 15 months she still has poor eye contact when being held close.  I would say she gives eye contact when being held 30% of the time.  She does better when bottle feeding or sitting in her highchair.  She makes excellent eye contact during playtime.  When we are out, she makes good eye contact with strangers initially then will 'act shy' and snuggle into me.  She will go out of her way to engage me and make excellent eye contact with me in front of these strangers if I talk to them too long.  This is not something she does when nobody is around.  Outside of that exception, she responds to eye contact better than she initiates it.  (a. 10mo, OR)
Itís unbelieveable how close I can get his face to mine and still he wonít look at me. (He's 18 months old.) He can switch his eyes from the left to the right and look out of the corners and not look at me, even when heís nestled in the crook of my arm a foot or so away. (a. 5.5mo, FC)
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