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Sunday, 28 February 2021
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Our example really shows just how much our little ones do remember......Six months after coming home, our agency had a reception for the facilitator that we worked with in China. She was with us every step of the way.

This reception was the 1st time our daughter had been around a large group of Asians (including children) since returning home. We walked in and she became noticeably anxious. She instantly became velcro baby with me (which was unusual). She kept asking "home..home...home". We were able to calm her somewhat until.....the facilitator noticed us and yelled from across the room "Ni Hoa ma, Cen Zhi" (Cen Zhi is her Chinese name). She had her back to her and she immediately tried crawling up over my shoulders and screamed "OUT, HOME, MAMA,MAMA,MAMA, OUT!" I know if I had let go of her she would have ran out the door. Then the facilitator came over to get a picture of her and while posing, gently touched her and she went into a full rage. We had to leave the building and we were not able to go back. Actually, I think the agency was relieved we left because there were a lot of waiting families present. (a. 10mo, FC)

Children may be fearful around people who look or sound like people from their birth country (like children from China being fearful when they meet someone who looks Asian or speaks Chinese.)
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