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Saturday, 16 January 2021
3. Resists or dislikes being held Print
From day one when we adopted him at 4.5 months he resisted being held.  I didn't think of it that way...I thought he was an active boy who was so wiggly and was so curious about his surroundings and environment when, in reality, he was trying to squirm out of my arms. (a. 4.5 mo, FC)
My son would only tolerate being held if he could sit up straight and face away from me.  People would comment that our son was so curious and looked like he did not want to miss a thing, but he never leaned back or melted into my body no matter where we were.  Sadder yet was how thrilled my son was when he could escape from being held in my arms. (a. 6mo, FC)
When carried, my son would put one hand on my chest and lock his elbow, keeping me an arm’s length away.  It was a subtle sign that I missed early on, thinking that it was just the way he preferred to be carried.  (a. 5.5mo, FC)
He seems most at ease when being held facing out, away from my body.  When held chest to chest, he will turn his head away from me, his arms out on the side.  He doesn't hold onto me at all with his body. (a. 6mo, FC)

For the longest time, I thought my daughter had gas problems during feeding.  She often spit-up and after 10 minutes of her bottle she would get very squirmy.  I thought she had gas, but she was actually trying to escape the nurturance that came from the intimacy of bottle feeding. (a. 4.5mo, FC)
When we received our daughter she resisted being held close front facing and would cry/rage if we tried to sit down with her and hold her close.  The only way she was happy was when we were constantly walking while holding her and she was facing outwards.  This continued for the first three months home.   She would bat at my face if I tried to get too close especially when feeding her a bottle.  Update:  She has stopped this now.  She continues to bat at her siblings’ faces when they get too close to her. She has been home five months now and will let us sit and hold her front facing. She finally holds on when carried. She will lie on us and cuddle for brief periods of time.  She does not like to have her face pressed next to our face in an intimate way.  She does seem to enjoy rocking after bottles and before naptime now.  (a. 10mo, OR)

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