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Saturday, 28 November 2020
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Move to Learn

Since my introduction to neuro reorganization, I’ve always wondered why someone doesn’t make the information/exercises more readily available to the general public. The specific information our neurodevelopmentalist provided after assessing our child was invaluable; she looked at his individual movements and prescribed exactly what he needed to improve his neurological function, always with his early losses in mind. Unfortunately, at A4everFamily we often hear from people for whom hiring a private neurodevelopmentalist is virtually impossible due to finances or locale. For these families, we have searched for more accessible information.

Barbara Pheloung, a special education teacher in Australia, has spent the last 30 years studying the work of Doman, Delcato, and other founders of neuro reorganization. She has applied this knowledge to help learning disabled students, many of whom demonstrate neurological immaturities as well as issues with sensory integration, dominance, laterality, attention, food sensitivities and more…a list of issues that also seem to affect children who are adopted at a higher rate than other children.

On her video, Move to Learn, a sequence of nine movements is provided that, while not a miracle cure, have consistently demonstrated success with students who have learning disabilities. The list of movements looks promising, being very similar to what many children are being prescribed in neuro reorganization programs. The similarities are likely due to the fact that students with learning disabilities and children with early losses benefit from exercises that target neurological levels associated with early development.

Like anything else, neuro reorganization exercises are not a “one-size-fits-all” prescription. However, the similarities between her program and what many of us are doing with our kids are striking. If I wanted an introduction to neuro reorg exercises, could not afford to hire a private neurodevelopmentalist, or was in a location without neuro help, I would want to watch this video. Also check books by Pheloung including Help Your Child to Learn and Help Your Class to Learn .

RN, and mental health nursing instructor
Written by marilyn puccinelli on 2008-09-05 18:32:25
Am interested in learning more about  
neuro reorganization, 
sensory integration 
Help your Child Learn, 
and related issues that you address. 
Would like a Bibliography. 
About a year ago I visited Jeremiah's Ranch with  
several other interested friends.  
I met you Susan, and you told me you could Email me a Bibliography. Somehow, we have not been successful in obtaining that from you, after a call. Then I have procrastinated!! 
I have a personal reason also for requesting this information.  
My daughter in Anchorage, Alaska has an 8 year old son with learning disability and some ADHD type behavior along with a mild Tic D.O. 
She is home schooling him and his younger brother
To Marilyn
Written by Host on 2008-09-05 20:27:17
Hi Marilyn, 
If you contact A4everFamily through the contact button in the menu on the right we can try to put you in contact with Susan. Susan/Nehemiah's Ranch is unrelated to A4everFamily.  
We need an email address in order to be able to contact you with further information.
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