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Thursday, 03 December 2020
Now My Heart Can See Print
Oh sweet little baby girl
Were you really meant for me?
There was a time I was not sure
But now my heart can see

We got off to such a rocky start
You had a scared and broken heart
A helpless baby without a voice
You lost so much in your short life

How frightened you must have been
To come into my arms that day
Who were these strangers from across the ocean
Coming to take you away

My love for you was not enough
And oh the things I did not know
About what you needed to feel safe
Such a struggle outside my comfort zone

A little baby rejecting my love
This wasn't how it was supposed to be
I cried and prayed for help from above
Please God, show me the way

In my desparate hours, feeling so scared and alone
Tears streaming down my face
Maybe I'm not the right mom for this baby girl
Surely someone must have made a mistake

I finally found help from kind souls
Who taught me what to do
A little baby girl let down her guard
and slowly started to bloom

Little by little you let me into your heart
Trusting me more and more
I know how hard it must be to risk loving again
And I promise not to let you down

Sweet little baby girl, you taught me things I never knew
You've given me so many gifts and
My heart overflows with love for you

We'll find our way one day at a time
And there are sure to be many bumps in the road
But now I see just how perfectly you were meant for me
And I'm the right mom for you

Suzanne, mom to 3 yr old from China


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