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Monday, 18 January 2021
Mini-Trampoline Affirmation Jumps Print
Jumping activates joint compression that in turn produces seratonin, a chemical that produces a “happy feeling” and lowers anxiety. Jumping also raises the oxygen supply to the brain. When used safely, a mini (personal exercise) trampoline becomes an excellent tool. Older children enjoy jumping alone; for a younger child, the parent may hold his hands and help him to bounce.

When the child is old enough to speak, he can begin jumping affirmations. He repeats a positive statement, 10 times or more, as he jumps. The “good feeling” produced by the seratonin release is then associated with a positive statement such as:
  • I obey Mommy/Daddy
  • I am quick and snappy
  • I am respectful
  • I am pleasant
  • I am gentle
  • I am a good listener
  • Mommy/Daddy is in charge

Parents choose the phrase that is most helpful for issues the child is currently experiencing. This technique may be used as a behavioral consequence. For example, if the child defies a parent, he may be asked to jump and repeat the statement “I must obey Mommy,” ten times. However, the technique is also recommended for random use, to produce seratonin and to begin to internalize the affirmations. On a rainy day, it’s especially fun to pull out the mini-trampoline and feel the effects of positive statements combined with a good bounce session!

One mom shares her daughter’s experience with the jumping protocol:
She jumps on the mini trampoline several times a day, not connected with a behavioral consequence. We have a list of 6 phrases to say. As all that serotonin is being release via the joint compression, she is associating the "good feeling" with "I will obey Mama/Papa," "I will be quick and snappy," "I will be respectful," "I will be pleasant," "Mama/Papa is in charge," "I will be gentle." Each times she jumps, we ask her to repeat the phrase (we choose), 10x.

I know this is working because last Saturday, at music class, a mom came over to me just busting a gut laughing. She asked my daughter if she would like to go sit in the van with the other kids. My 4-year-old daughter said, "Why yes...and I will be pleasant, I will be gentle and I will be respectful...ooooooo...this will be fun!!!!"
When the parent is closely involved, the technique can even be effective with small children.
My 15-month-old doesn't speak at all, but I bounce him on the trampoline and say these sorts of things with/to him. I'm sure it works better when they are older, but I still see results. Especially those times where I can tell that he WANTS to obey, but just can't seem to do it. When that happens, we go do a bit of jumping, then back to the thinking spot, then we FINALLY have some success. (a. 6mo, FC)
-A4everFamily in consultation with Kali Miller, PhD
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