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Friday, 27 November 2020
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Tuesday, 20 December 2005
Overwhelmed and Parenting...Emergency Toolkit from EMK Press

With several recent news reports of adopted children from China dying allegedly at the hands of their parents, I want to offer some resources that might make the difference between parenting overwhelmed and parenting with information.

Jean MacLeod has compiled a list of resources, links, books and strategies. It is well worth reading for any of us at any place in our adoption journey.

Find her guide here:


What can you do? I think the most important thing that each of us can do is to help each other. If you know someone who has recently returned with a new child, reach out and offer your time. Conversation and support from parents who have "been there, done that" can be so crucial to a new parent struggling with a difficult child or a difficult transition. Most people won't turn to their social worker and end up going it alone....

If someone you know has suddenly become quiet, reach out and reconnect. Sometimes it's hard to ask for help. You make it easy if you are accessible and in contact.

The other thing that each of us can do is to educate ourselves and work to become the parents each of our children need us to be. Sometimes that is hard and grueling work. But all of these things just might make the difference between struggling through a rough patch and having the unthinkable happen.

Carrie Kitze
EMK Press


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